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"Thick as two short planks" (A Jessie Paisley story)

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--- Quote ---                    trying to cut down on reminiscing recently as its not everyones cup of tea.

                    I was sad reading this today, because me Mam is on a very slippery slope.
                    I might write something soon in an attempt to cheer her up.
--- End quote ---

NEVER stop reminiscing.....theres loads like me on here that need this kinda stuff mate. God help us if the youth of today were brought up without the memories of "proper" reds such as yerself.

Hope yer mam picks up mate - best wishes.

Always ere if yer need a gab or whatever.

Yer mate.

Andy :wave

That was really good Wooly, don't stop reminiscing - you put it across so well.  I can't remember the first match I went to, I suspect it was before I had any interest at all - how things change  :D.  Anyway, keep them coming.  :wave


--- Quote from: Maggie May on March 28, 2005, 07:18:37 pm ---Don't you bloody well dare!!!! 

--- End quote ---

well said Maggie

Karl - deffo don't cut back mate, stories from people like yourself is what capivated me bout the internet in the first place, i love hearing all the accounts of what went on, half imagine myself being in on the adventure when reading some of them!!  you see thats all some like me have got, reality is we'll never have the experiences of our more mature (shall we say...) fans

add to the fact that i would rather read accounts like yours and others like it than read the 451st thread bout a particular player or bout some other shite

the day that people like yourself stop posting articles will probably be the day i leave the forums behind

Rushian,   Thanks for posting Wooltonian  story.  Brought back some great memories  Liverpool v West Ham United 1962.   It was my first game also went with some mate’s into the Boys Pen and have been hooked ever since :)


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