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This has popped in multiple media sources. Would be a nice tribute.

--- Quote ---Liverpool set to face Osasuna in pre-season friendly in honour of former Red Michael Robinson, who passed away last year.

According to Radio Marca Navarra, Liverpool are set to host Spanish side Osasuna this pre-season in a match that will serve as a tribute to former player Michael Robinson.

While no confirmation has arrived from the club's end yet, this game is supposedly one of the two pre-season friendlies at Anfield.

Robinson was a Red for one season back in the 1983-84 season. Reddit user @scifiphichipsi explains his career: "Robinson died in April last year from melanoma.

"He was mainly a sub for Liverpool, having to fight for a place up top with both King Kenny and Ian Rush, but he made enough appearances for a medal for both the League and European Cup Liverpool won in 83-84.

"He moved to QPR at the end of that season, before finishing his career at Osasuna, saying: 'Financially it was the worst offer, but it was romantic'.

"He recalled that he assumed that Osasuna was the name of the club's location and proceeded to look for it on a map. He stayed in Spain after retiring, spoke the language fluently, and enjoyed a long broadcasting career after retirement."

Osasuna, also nicknamed ‘The Reds’, finished last season 11th in La Liga.

The final date for the game hasn't been set yet, but it could take place in August.
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Good to stay at Anfield for pre-season.


--- Quote ---Jurgen Klopp will take his squad abroad for a training camp, although the location has yet to be determined due to the ever-changing travel restrictions. Austria, Spain, Portugal and France are all under discussion as possible venues. [Liverpool Echo]
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disgraced cake:
The Paul Joyce article says that we may set up a friendly with Newcastle or Aston Villa at Anfield


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As was touched on on TAW this week, it seems a little bit crackers that we're still waiting to confirm this in an ever-evolving COVID environment. If ever there was a season to stay on British shores it's surely this one.


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