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John Wayne, the Living Dead and pure Pandemonium

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No, a few do but many stopped a long time ago.

Little Alan Pie got a job building the M1 or something, a cracking lad very innocent but time would eventually catch him up and corrupt him.

Graham Hall, Alan, Mally and Mr Hall still go the games, bump into them from time to time but it's not the same too much water under the bridge.  Mr Hall is now in his 60's have huge respect for him, he remembers me from the past and always calls me Robbie as I shake his hand. Mr Hall is an old time docker, as hard as hell and then some. A cracking bloke someone I hold close to me.

Ian Nunney, my all time best mate a close call to Graham, Ian would go into the Lions den when others had cold feet. In my eyes a man who shaped me into what I am today, a loyal old codger. Ian left Liverpool in the 80's when Thatcher tried to close down Liverpool.

In time he returned to the Pool, but he never goes the game anymore, I keep in touch with Ian old habit's die hard.

Frano - John was built like Mike Tyson a lad a couple of years younger than us but as hard as they come. We used to meet up in the WISPA (a night club in Bootle) on a friday night before away games. In them days it used to go off between districts, we'd try and calm it down when reds faced reds, not Frano he took no prisoneers. A real hard man, and I mean hard man?

Funny thing is he never tried it on with us, he would have done me I think he was an animal.

Jono, was Frano's best mate you never saw one without the other. Stevie Johnson was the opposite of Frano.
Not a bit of fat or muscle on him, the thinest person I think I ever saw,but boy did he have an attitude?

Looking back at my life I think I must have battled with Jono nearly every weekend, he was right in your face all the time, being many inches higher than him meant I maintained the advantage whilst he continued to have a go at anyone.

Jono had a problem, he wanted the respect that Frano got but he never earned it, he was close but no banana.

Jono joined the Army to fight for Queen and Country, one Thursday night in the 90's I picked up the Echo to find that he was the driver of an army wagon that had crashed on an autobaun.  We cried tears upon tears this bloke was 100% Liverpool, his Mum and Dad had no cash for the funneral the Army boxed that off.

Jono, this one is for you lad, we laughed, we blagged, we had the best time of our lives, we stood together UNITED in a feeling that no one could better us, no one ever bettered us.

This one is for you mate, you are not forgotten.

We walk on because we can.



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