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The Wilderness Years

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Nice post.

I'm not even looking for all out attack. Just the basics. Going in for 50-50s. Closing players down, showing a bit of fight, a bit of passion. If we go down, then let US go down fucking fighting.

Top post.

I've seen far too many defeats at home of late.

Bannside Red:
Another excellent read Karl, I enjoyed that.


--- Quote from: Jon_M on January 23, 2004, 04:23:07 pm ---spot on wooly. might see ya tmrw for a drink pre match, you gonna be in the sandon?

--- End quote ---

Nothing would give me greater pleasure John, but alas you wont be seeing me for a while.
I've been ordered by the Doc to go on the wagon, due to a severe liver condition.
I'm currently on a home de-tox.
30 years of hard boozing has left me in a poor state.
7 days today without a drink, the longest period since I was 14.
Perhaps if all goes well over the next few weeks I'll come and join you for a Calibre  :(

Lets just hope we can thrash Newcastle today and give us all a much needed boost.

   got a few years on you and did manage to stop smoking last year-after 40 years-so i'm sure you can knock booze on the head.
  anyway alun evans-i thought he was going to be a world beater;4-0 up after 20/30 mins on his debut and 6-0 away to wolves on his second game.(thankyou very much for alun evans we sang at molineux to the tune of the scaffold hit).remember the hatrick too v bayern(wasnt that his first game back after injury?)
   I would have bet big money on Alun Evans becoming a top class player-just as i would that Biscan isnt!I was wrong about Alun Evans-will i be wrong about Igor?


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