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Another great post!  Always look forward to reading your insightful musings Wooly!

Great post mate and mucho respect to you, but  "nothing" in all those seasons ???????? I'd say we had a lot more than nothing, and I'm guessing that what mainly made the people happy in an increasingly defensive division 1  was that in every one of those springs except  1970 & 71 Liverpool supporters  like you (I was a toddler in the late 60s) went into March with realistic expectations of a title challenge - but then a lot of teams did in those days.
Only in 1970  did the lack of that challenge ( the famously sluggish FA Cup exit at watford  was only the most obvious symptom) signal  it was time for a change, which I do well remember, as suddenly new idols emerged for me when I was 7.
 Then in 70-71 everyone knew we were rebuilding and still lacked pieces of the jigsaw ... but what I wanted to ask was, in that season 70-71, what did koppites think of the style of play which according to the stats was the most boring by far in the Division, with just 42 goals scored in 42 games and 24 conceded, our games averaging 1.5 goals (with 9 0-0 draws and 12 1-0 or 0-1) whilst everyone else, even Leeds,  was around the usual 2.5 mark or higher ????
Did they accept the manager's constant excuses in the programme and the Echo that season about key  injuries during that  season of rebuilding  ?? (historically, it's interesting to note that we'd already had a dour start to that season even before several-month-long  injuries to Evans, Callaghan and Graham  but also that their replacements were very capable youngsters like Hall, Heighway Toshack and Boersma.
I guess that some Koppites were patient and others were less so  about the lack of goals, as Shankly rebuilt from the back with Everton and Leeds riding above us ....but then along came Keegan and the rest is history.
And I agree with you that we would be more patient now too,  if it weren't for one over-riding  factor that causes us to have lost faith,  but I don't think that factor is the lack of "the Liverpol way" in style of play, I think it's the lack of "the Liverpol way" in terms of the manager's faith in certain players who clearly will never be good enough.
[I don't mean proven internationals like Diao & Diouf though, it's how they are coached / respond to coaching that must be in doubt there).
Bill shankly rebuilt from the back that season and made us difficult to beat. But he didn't have key injuries there. With Finnan, Carragher, Henchoz, Hyppia and Hamman we are difficult to beat. I can understand why inferior players had to be brought in to cover, one in particular,  but not why they/he had to stay in so long.
Please let's now keep that "back  6" (hopefully with Kirky)  intact.


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