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choose a new stadium

choose no corners

choose no sunlight on the pitch and constant re-turfings

choose to sell tickets to corporate wannabees

choose to give season tickets to people who do not sing

choose to film people for standing

choose tv replays on a big screen

choose a liverbird mascot

choose girls with pom poms

choose to have no-smoking sections

choose to have a McNasty's stand

choose to play two tribes before kick off

choose union jacks and st george's crosses

choose prawn sarnies

choose to play no scousers

choose to put money before fans

choose to be sponsored by the s*n

choose to put corporate wet dreams before 96 dead

choose to ignore heritage and shankly and paisley to line your own pockets

choose to move; choose liverpool

can we post this on the main page sapph?

Crackingly written that!!

:-\ Unnervingly accurate tho sadly

Steve C:
Saph I dont always agree with what you say or think.

But I admire your principles, I share many of them myself.


Steve, rather drunk and emotional.

do whatever rushian!

i just feel sooooooooooooo gutted about  the whole thing.

steve....what have i said then???? saph panicking now!

terribly plagirised i know but i just had to get my thoughts out.


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