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Houllier was at the match Lille-PSG last night, commentators on television were saying he was there to keep an eye on a player...rumour has it that he was looking at Lille's central midfielder Bruno Cheyrou. He's a bit like Stevie G although not as good, he's young and has a good shot on him. Worth about 4m I think so he's no superstar but could be another shrewd GH purchase...

Try this link:

French oppinion on Cheyrou.
(PSG, Lille and Lyon fans)

"Yeah, I've been very impressed by Bruno Cheyrou who's been easily Lille's MVP this season. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a major team very soon. And thus extensively, in the French NT."

"feels good that you all have noticed Bruno Cheyrou! he is very GOOD!!"

"Stéphano! It´s cool that you like Bruno Cheyrou! i also thinks him is worldclass! he have done a marvelous season with Lille!!
hopes he would be in our NT soon!!"

"Yeah, Bruno Cheyrou is my favourite French playing in France! He's not that young (24) but he definitely has a good margin of improvement ahead of him. In all case. He deserves a top club."

where did u get that from cardie

French football website, went to the forum and run a search on his name this is what came back.


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