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Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (Premier League) - 20:00, Monday 15th August

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Hedley Lamarr:

--- Quote from: Lone Star Red on August 15, 2022, 07:47:55 pm ---I mean, that's not exactly saying a lot, since we looked second best for a good chunk of the game to a newly promoted side and Milner turns 37 this season.

--- End quote ---

It says plenty about why he's starting tonight though.  He's earned a start.

Phillips did well alongside Virgil Jnr so I'm actually quite keen to see how he does along Virgil Snr.  He's not the most mobile but that didn't hinder him too much during the 2020 run-in and Virgil is a lot more mobile (experienced, talented etc.) than Williams.  Trent may sit in a bit more than usual to cover some of that space but I expect we'll just play our usual way and leave Phillips and Virgil to work it out.

The out-right injuries and niggles are frustrating, if nothing else than we've waited all this time for five subs and now we can barely get five senior players on the bench.

Palace's back five is a proper back five with five outright defenders.  Our front three are going to have to work hard to make any space.

More than enough quality in that side to beat Palace, especially at Anfield. Comfortable win even? Come on Redmen


--- Quote from: jillc on August 15, 2022, 07:49:36 pm ---God help those journos in the press conference afterwards.  :lmao

--- End quote ---

He's right though, they ask such dumb and obvious questions. Like "How important is it to kick the ball into the net?"

Never been worried when James Milner starts in midfield,wing back yes at times.

Come on lads 3-0 to the Reds. :scarf


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