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Darwin Nez (Darwin Gabriel Nez Ribeiro)

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--- Quote from: AndyMuller on June  4, 2023, 12:20:57 pm ---The only way I see him as a starter is if we change formation and play:-


Diaz       Gakpo      Salah

And I just cant see that being the case.

--- End quote ---

No way.

Hell play against teams that leave space. And destroy them if he gets the finishing sorted.

Clint Eastwood:
Not really sure what the plan is for him. Gakpo is making that CF position his own in rotation with Jota who can also play on the left. Diaz and Salah first choices. Didn't Darwin play on the right side of a forward pairing at Benfica? Maybe his long term future might be on the right, but it seems a long shot. Realistically next season he's third choice on the left and third choice through the middle.

I don't doubt his abilities as a footballer. Any team who plays with a recognised striker would love to have him, and his return of 15 goals was impressive in a struggling side. However, it's hard not to feel like this was a mess of a signing. Maybe things will improve when he's got a better grasp of the language, with a settled midfield and with time and I hope that does happen. However, a year on it does seem crazy that we spent so much on a player, accepting that we'd need to significantly alter his game (and he's 24 soon), then 6 months later signing someone else to play a different role in his position.

I know the obvious answer is that we'd rotate, but surely when we dropped 65m on him we weren't planning to just save him for teams that leave space. Also, switching Gakpo with Nunez changes the dynamic pretty significantly.


--- Quote from: harleydanger on June  4, 2023, 09:40:02 pm ---No way.

Hell play against teams that leave space. And destroy them if he gets the finishing sorted.

--- End quote ---
That probably gives him about eight league games next season  ;D


--- Quote from: A-Bomb on June  4, 2023, 04:56:55 pm ---I think its also worth noting that both Mane and Mo could and can beat a man and go in behind. Diaz seems to prefer to have the ball played into feet and works between the lines in front of defenders more often than not.

--- End quote ---

Just to add to jack, Al and the above. The conclusion of all this is its currently far from clear that our front 5 is title challenging quality. Which is an issue given its the only part of the team that has been properly (in terms of money and numbers) reshaped. Hopefully fixing the midfield sorts it though.

If he does enough on his end, and this involves learning the language, understanding the formations, working on his finishing and off-ball play - Im pretty sure Klopp will find a place for him and give him enough minutes. But he really needs to work hard in the next six months.


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