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Welcome Darwin Nez !!!

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There was speculation that he is showing himself to be tactically not as mature as the other players and so that has slowed down his ability to mesh with the team. If so then maybe klopp needs to play him like how benfica played him so that we can get some goals out of him which is what we need right now. Above all, giving him 5 plus minutes at the end of the match isn't going to help him get better.

Ghost Town:

--- Quote from: paddysour on October  1, 2022, 06:09:07 pm ---

The fact Klopp obviously doesn't fancy him says it all. 2 down today early on and he doesn't get a sniff until the last few minutes, the manager was terrified of bringing him on while we led because he can't be trusted to hold onto the ball. He can't be impressing much in training.

--- End quote ---
See, this bullshit spin is how this kind of crap become "true" to idiot fans.

Klopp never claimed he was bought as an immediate starter; he himself said, after signing the player, that he would need to be eased in slowly, that he wasn't an immediate starter.  Nothing to do with his "not fancying him". It was injuries that meant he had to start in some of the opening games of the season. Without those injuries he would probably have had only a few minutes here or there, slowly increasing, during the early months of the season.

--- Quote ---Heads will roll for this decision if he doesn't completely transform by end of season.
--- End quote ---
Sounds like your head, and any guts you might ever have possessed, have already long gone.

--- Quote ---There's people here saying 15 goals by season end will be good enough. Lukaku has an incredible CV, scored 15 goals last season after a similar big money move and got shipped out on loan looking like a laughing stock. People are deluding themselves that the situation will get any more tenable if Nunez puts up numbers like that.

--- End quote ---
Lol, such infantile crap. You should stop worrying about what your mates say.

The thing is we started the year terrible and that makes things worse for him because we should start him in matches like Brighton, Fulham, Palace etc which we should get 7-9 pts on paper but we don't win matches like that so he is definitely not starting against Arsenal and City next.

Our attack is probably the one area of the pitch where we have plenty of players who are top quality and bedded in to the team. There's really no reason to be trying to force him into the team when we have so many other problems elsewhere and can never get into a position where we're comfortable in a game.

Wankers are gonna be impatient and whine but giving him games isn't necessarily the best thing for the team right now, yes we spent a lot of money on him but Jota/Diaz/Salah/Firmino aren't exactly cheap alternatives.

If he doesn't start against Rangers, then I'd be worried.


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