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--- Quote from: Chris~ on October  1, 2022, 05:54:49 pm ---I think it's more that we've spent a lot on a player who hasn't really changed how good we are going forward when we've got other issues. If we were going to keep Firmino and use him as much as we are then signing a striker this summer was not the best use of funds. That's not his fault, you're right, but it's going to come up around him.

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It's exactly this. The guy seems like a nice lad, and he is definitely talented.

However, we spunked world class money on a project player. That's the frustration. We were very close to a quadruple last season, something this country has never seen. We needed a finishing touch, something to squeeze us over the edge. We had a huge budget for that player. When we've did this in the past we grabbed an Alisson or VVD, ceiling raisers who were world class from day 1.

This time we went for a raw player from a poor quality league, in a position that wasn't urgent. It's one of the most baffling decisions I've seen us make, so it's no wonder people are incredibly frustrated with the whole thing. We tried to do the right thing with Tchoumeni, but it seems we lost our heads when he turned us down and Bellingham wasn't available.

The fact Klopp obviously doesn't fancy him says it all. 2 down today early on and he doesn't get a sniff until the last few minutes, the manager was terrified of bringing him on while we led because he can't be trusted to hold onto the ball. He can't be impressing much in training.

Heads will roll for this decision if he doesn't completely transform by end of season. There's people here saying 15 goals by season end will be good enough. Lukaku has an incredible CV, scored 15 goals last season after a similar big money move and got shipped out on loan looking like a laughing stock. People are deluding themselves that the situation will get any more tenable if Nunez puts up numbers like that.

Ravishing Rick Dude:

--- Quote from: Solomon Grundy on October  1, 2022, 06:06:52 pm ---Because we needed to try and score another goal perhaps.

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Sorry, I'm just frustrated af today


--- Quote from: Xanderzone on October  1, 2022, 06:05:25 pm ---The game was still in the balance at 3-2. So if we didn't need him then why did we need him after they equalized?

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we wanted to score a goal? same reason we sometimes stick other giants like our CB up front too at the end of a game, albeit he has more to offer than just being good in the air too.

afc tukrish:

--- Quote from: Chakan on October  1, 2022, 06:00:19 pm ---People are really strange.

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when Darwin's a stranger
man buns look ugly
when you're alone

I don't think he's gonna stay with us next season if he keeps being 3rd choice to Firmino and Jota.


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