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Standing responsibly

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Al 666:

--- Quote from: Craig 🤔 on September 24, 2021, 09:59:37 pm ---This is why I said what I said.

May I suggest that next time just donít assume to know what I feel. Or better yet, donít bother to reply to me at all. Itís one thing for you to have a bit of a thing for me in threads about the owners, itís a total other for you to single my post out on this subject to have a pop at.

Please don't bother replying or taking it to DM.

--- End quote ---

Margaret Aspinall "I'd like it to be known, all over the world, that our fans played no part whatsoever in the deaths of the 96 or the injured.

"The only thing that we've got that we can say proudly for them is we got them exonerated.

"All the world knows now that our fans played no part in what happened that day."

Not arsed about point scoring but I think it is pretty clear that you owe Billy Elliot an apology.

Do fuck off Al.


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