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Landmark near Anfield Stadium set to be turned into hotel for Liverpool FC fans


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Landmark near Anfield Stadium set to be turned into hotel for Liverpool FC fans

An Anfield landmark could soon be transformed into a new hotel for football fans visiting Liverpool FC's ground.

The former police station on Anfield Road is set to be turned into a bed and breakfast under plans recently submitted to Liverpool Council.

According to documents submitted to the council by Anfield Road Holdings, Liverpool FC fans travelling to see games will be the target market of the 26 bedroom hotel, which is around a five minute walk from Anfield Stadium.

One of the documents says: "The proposal is to convert the existing building into a bed and breakfast.

"Crucially for this particular discussion, there will be no restaurant or bar.

"The proposed bed and breakfast is primarily aimed at the market associated with the Anfield Stadium and is therefore likely to be busy when the immediately surrounding area is also busy."

Planning documents add that the building's external appearance, with distinctive red brick gables, would be kept the same during the renovation.

The police station that used to occupy the building was closed a number of years ago - and according to the latest application the building currently has planning permission for use as a HMO.

This application follows a number made in recent years to covert buildings around Anfield into B&Bs and hotels.

Part of the famous Sandon pub was converted into a 115 bed luxury hotel in the middle of last year after a 1 million expansion, while smaller projects have followed more recently.

Ravishing Rick Dude:
Very good move for the club, for the fans and for the city.


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