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Does anyone know if there are plans to develop the grassy areas either side of Walton Breck Road next to and opposite the club store.  Im sure I heard of a hotel and local amenities being put in but has all gone quiet.  Anyone have any idea?

Son of Spion:
I'd also heard about a hotel maybe going there, but it's all gone very quiet on that. I drove past the other night and was wondering about that land myself.

Doing a quick Google search doesn't turn up anything recent. This Echo story on the regeneration seems to be the most recent, but even that is from October 2018.

There was stories of a hotel getting built but you'd wonder what the use would be. You'd think the club would be better owning it as they would be able to offer packages but you never know

The hotel was also intended to be a "training hotel", to help develop the skills of local young people for the hospitality sector, see eg - don't know what the current situation is though.

Follow this link...  go on Hotel sector.... Hilton Anfield...


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