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--- Quote from: I've been a good boy. on October  1, 2022, 09:08:12 pm ---I blame Pep Lijnders'

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--- Quote from: MPowerYNWA on October  1, 2022, 10:53:53 pm ---Elliott wasn’t too bad - he was pressing.  He will get better with age.

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Elliott is an attakcing modfielder or deep forward. He's  not going to help our problems in central midfield.

Red Beret:

--- Quote from: Xanderzone on October  1, 2022, 08:21:32 pm ---So if we backed Klopp with a 50-70m CM in the summer we were risking the financial stability of the club?


It's time we stopped this nonsense that every time we sign a player we risk going bankrupt. Why are we the only big club in danger?

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I never said anything either way. I asked you what you wanted the owners to do and asked how much of their hesitation was down to financial prudence and how much was being over cautious.


--- Quote from: Dim Glas on October  2, 2022, 12:13:08 am ---it's daft now, so I doubt it’ll age better.

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That comment made me laugh.  ;D

So… Howard Philips:

--- Quote from: Fromola on October  1, 2022, 09:11:47 pm ---In the context of today's game in isolation it's down to tactics. Just get the basics right. The approach was wrong from the start and we're left chasing the game again and relying on Alisson to keep us in it. Then we get back to 3-2 and typically appalling game management sees us throw it away.

The squad isn't where it should be though.

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I’ve only been able to watch their third goal and our whole approach was hopeless and half hearted. Brighton scored a ‘typical’ City goal and I dread to think how we’ll cope with DeBruyne and Haaland.

We haven’t got the basics right and definitely need to tighten up, particularly in the first 15 minutes as we can’t keep on conceding first.

And added to a defence who (with the exception of Allison) appear to have forgotten to defend we had our first choice midfield out yesterday.

As to the squad enough has been said about needing legs in midfield.


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