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--- Quote from: Samie on October  1, 2022, 08:34:00 pm ---Here's  the thing you're correct we won't find another Klopp but if you think any manager worth his salt wouldn't want to take over one of the biggest and iconic clubs in the world you're the one in for the rude awakening my friend.  :P

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Oh plenty will take the job, I never disputed that.

My dispute was that I won't see another Klopp here again.

But then maybe FSG will sell up to actual ambitious owners and our next manager won't need to be as good as Klopp to challenge.

Ravishing Rick Dude:
He just can't stop playing Milner over and over again and never in the same position.


--- Quote from: Xanderzone on October  1, 2022, 08:31:30 pm ---Sorry I find it hard to hide my disgust.

We have a once in a lifetime manager. We should be bending over backwards to give him what he wants. Because if you think we'll just pick another Klopp off a tree you're in for a rude awakening.

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--- Quote from: Xanderzone on October  1, 2022, 06:21:43 pm ---Well it's either that or I'll never see Liverpool win a league title and CL again in my lifetime.

Because if you think we'll just pull another manager like Klopp out of the bag you're in for a very rude and sad awakening.

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You're now repeating yourself from earlier today. I should know, I've read your posts.

We get it, take a break now or you will have an enforced break for a little bit. Sometimes you need to step away from the keyboard for a bit and go for a walk.


--- Quote from: Red Berry on October  1, 2022, 08:15:31 pm ---What do you want the owners to do? We either take a gamble on the financial stability of the club or FSG put their hands in their pocket.

It's ridiculous that a club with our revenues seems to have problems in the transfer market, but how much of it is financial prudence and how much is down to being over-cautious?

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The problem is what we're up against. If we do miss out on the CL it'll be to 4 teams who have spent a fortune while we've been complacent.

please, I have my reasons for it but...:
He needs to just go back to basics. In 2020-21, City were 10th after 7 games with 11 points. Pep just made sure they got the basics right and stopped trying to do anything extraordinary. If you watched City from that point onwards in 20-21 that season, you will see that they played with less fluidity and more pragmatism compared to the other years that Pep was there.

We're probably won't end being crowned champions like City did that season, but at least try to salvage a top four finish.  I understand Klopp has his own beliefs but the system doesn't suit the players anymore, and while it's not all his fault that the squad was not refreshed adequately in midfield to keep playing the same system, that's the hand that was dealt to him now. He even admitted after Napoli that we should tweak our approach a little, so it's disappointing to see after a month of not playing games that we're still playing this whole inverted wingback, free roaming number 8 on the right and the two wide forwards pretending to be linesmen system with the same naivety and same problems, trailing pretty much from the start of the game, while expecting different outcomes.


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