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Jürgen Klopp

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Just finished reading this and logged on here just to share it. Glad it's already been shared.

As expected, a great read and insight into our charismatic manager.


The guys not just a great manager he's a great human being, its obviously still going on but its been an absolute honour to have him as our manager.

I'll be honest. As I read it I was thinking two things. First, "What an incredible man". :) Second, "He's going to write a letter like this to us when he leaves."  :-X

It's like being a teenage boy falling in love with a beautiful girl on summer vacation, knowing the vacation is going to end and she's going to leave.

Oh, and an asteroid will hit earth someday too. ;D

Spammed my mates with that via WhatsApp. Outstanding.

Harry Potter's £73 Red Gryffindor Ugly Xmas Sweater:

--- Quote from: kloppismydad on September 24, 2019, 11:31:34 am ---Such a Kloppo article! I could imagine the "Hahaha!" in my head.

--- End quote ---

I read the whole thing in his voice!

Brilliant article, thanks for posting Caston.


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