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Keith Lard:
Amazing words by our amazing manager.

deFacto please, you bastards:
One day there needs to be a film made about him.

Legend, he is in the wrong profession. The way he can talk common sense with compassion in a world lacking it, with extreme view points everywhere. A man with his composure, maturity and intelligence would be better served doing something more I feel.
For now, we just have to live with him making the life of Liverpool fans glorious.

I know all good things will end, but boy will it be hard once he decides to leave. I am almost sure, none of the highs we have had would have been possible without Jurgen.

Decent, inspirational, humble, and a football genius. Even when we tracked that flight, I never expected it would be this good.

Probably the best manager around at the moment and fits so perfectly with this club. It'll be sad to see him go eventually but by that time we'll be so much stronger and successful.


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