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New Annie road, small to medium expansion plans shelved.

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From Peter Moores today

--- Quote ---NEW YORK — The next proposed expansion of Anfield will be more substantial than initially envisioned.

Capacity at Liverpool‘s stadium rose by about 8,500 to approximately 54,000 with the opening of a new Main Stand for the 2016-17 season. Chief executive Peter Moore, during an interview Wednesday at the headquarters of The Associated Press, said the permit allowing an expansion of about 4,000 to the Anfield Road end will be allowed to expire in September.

"That is insufficient for our plans. We’re continuing to analyze what is the optimum number," he said. "I think in the next few months you’re going to hear from us as regards to what those plans will be. I can tell you definitively it won’t be the rather small-to-medium plans we had recently."

Moore said the club faces challenges because the stadium is in a residential area, and it plans to work with the City Council and neighbourhood groups. Liverpool has frozen ticket prices for four straight seasons.

"You just can’t build this massive stadium without limits here. We’re very cognizant of the impact we have on the residents," he said. "The ability to get people into a ground and get them out of the ground is important as well as the size of what we’re building."

--- End quote ---

That sounds great, Anfield is an intimidating fortress already, imagine it even larger.

Shady Craig:
Great news that, can't wait to see the plans.

Anyone got a link to this?

Originally an AP piece I think?


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