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Anfield use close season for concerts and other sports

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Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere or there is an existing thread. Feel free to move mods.

I can understand both sides of the debate and it must be a pain for local residents throughout the season. I enjoy the delights of the school holidays when travelling to work with much quieter roads etc. No doubt additional income for the club, and by proxy the local community, when concerts etc are on is a good thing, but it can`t be easy for local residents even during the season so I understand their opposition. Also, I have never been a fan of anything other than football taking place on the pitch, even during the summer, in case it causes unnecessary damage. Not sure what the answer is, or what the outcome will be.

No brainier from a business point of view

Technology as such now the pitch would be fine

If approved I suspect any anfield Road end development would be designed to make stage installation very  straightforward

Fantastic for the club, the area and the City, however I can see the local residents issues with it though. I work with someone who lives across the road from the Etihad and while she is a bit of a moaner at times, I understand why she gets pissed off when a concert is held there, with the noise and cars parking everywhere. The Old Trafford cricket ground is about 200 yds from our offices and when the Foo Fighters were there last year, after about 3 hours of sound checks from about 11am, everyone was totally fucked off with the noise.

I imagine there will be a curfew on the events, with the concerts being early starts. I went to see Guns N Roses at Maine Road in the early 90's and that was supposed to finish by 7pm, a Rock band that close to houses cannot be a nice experience if you are not into the music.

I'd missed this completely. Interesting.

I'm slightly surprised they see there being sufficient long term demand to warrant going down this route. We aren't exactly a user friendly location for late night gigs and events.

As noted above, it could have big implications for the road end redevelopment business case.

Events of this nature were also key to the business case of Everton's new stadium. Yes, yes, stifle that laughter. Getting there 4 (ha) years ahead and capturing a few events on a long term basis that they might have been targeting could have implications for their funding model.

Having been recommended by the planning officers this is almost certain to happen. Wonder what we have lined up.

Also, how could Anfield possibly host NFL? Pitch is too short surely?


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