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Oh Jimmy Jimmy:
Just watched the Amazon “ Tosh” documentary and what a delight. Clearly filmed by two Jacks who experienced it all in the 70s / early 80s and who loved the guy. Great linkage to Shanks and some quality Welsh TV Friday night burred footage. The only thing missing was Hugh Johns!


--- Quote from: gazzam1963 on November  2, 2022, 05:24:41 pm ---Mods Could this be moved to the main forum temporarily deserves a bit more visibility , great documentary that lots of great memories . Lovely moment were he recalls the song the kop sang too him , made him emotional

--- End quote ---
“Best days of my life, without doubt”, and he had some pretty sensational days AFTER he left Liverpool!

My missus, who knows or cares very little about football, still sings that ‘Toshack is our King’ line whenever she hears men of Harlech. Makes me smile every time.

I don’t think I realised how close he’d come to managing us. He thought it was a done deal.

Watched a few doc's on Tosh recently, comes across that he really wanted to manage us and spent all of his managerial career waiting for the call, but sadly it never came.  Would of been interesting to see what he would have done with us if he got the job after Kenny left.


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