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Who to complain to about the so-called 'Street Food' at Anfield?

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Can't believe people actually pay the prices that they charge anyway. Like others have said, go to Linda's or Homebaked if you want something decent.

Frank Becton:
I just go to the chippy up the road, though there is only one left now I think?
Fish n chips & a drink for less than the price of a sausage roll and a coke inside the ground.

Ashamed to say it but the chippy near Goodison, think it's called the Blue Dragon is very good.

Will try Linda's Cafe next time.

...Or try Steve's Fish Bar up near the corner on Breck Road. A 5 minute walk from the ground and cheap as...err...chips.

Don't buy the shite.  I keep getting surveys from The Club and I always highlight shite food at exorbitant prices.  That is in the ground but the same applies outside.   As an aside I bought a double cheeseburger and a jumbo hotdog and two drinks for a fiver for me and my lad from a burger van outside The Stadium of Light this week.  Awesome, told the vendor that I would have paid 12 for the same outside Anfield.  He was well impressed.   

Billy Elliot:
Only used them once, I'd been in a bit of a rush and I was desperate for a drink and there was no queue.  As I was waiting to get served I saw the burgers were a ridiculous price (7??).  As my unconscious mind was processing this I was asked what I wanted, bottle of coke 2.50.

Fuck that, never again.


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