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Who to complain to about the so-called 'Street Food' at Anfield?

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M(oaning) B(ecomes) E(mbarrassing):
I know I should be bouncing after today's win V Man City but I still can't get over the cheek the so-called 'Street Food' vendors in the Fan Park think they can get away with by the utter shite they actually charge you for.  If you could pay what it was worth, they'd have to pay YOU to try and eat it.  Unsurprisingly, there's no queues at their hut but if all the others were crowded, a person might be tempted to try out their 'offerings' (no menu, no list of what they do, you actually have to ask what they have) but I'd advise in the strongest possible terms not to do so.  The so-called 'chips' were micro by McNasty's standards and they'd refuse to try and sell them if they came out of their fryers.  The congealed slime around their concrete chicken was supposed to be a spicy sauce but it was awful on many levels.  Absolute muck and that's being kind to them.  How they've cot a concession to sell here mystifies me. 

Sounds like it was a good luck charm. Eat it next time please.

Street food my arse. Go to Homebaked and support the local community instead mate. Great food great people.

Always go in Linda's cafe. Might wait a while but the food is good, affordable and supports a local business.

Complain to them. Why didn't you just say it wasn't acceptable and ask for your money back? The reason people get away with selling shit food is because no one complains at the time and just moans to their friends or the Internet. If people say something they might improve their offer.


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