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Some info and videos on Steven Gerrard... Player Profile page: Player Profile page:

Wikipedia page:

'Every Steven Gerrard Goal' - a 38 minute video from LFC:-

'100 players who shook the KOP #1 Steven Gerrard':-

'Steven Gerrard - 50 Men Who Made LFC':-

'Steven Gerrard LEGENDARY Long Shot Goals':-

'Steven Gerrard's BEST Premier League goals!':-

'Steven Gerrard GENIUS Assists':-

'10 Minutes of Gerrard Miraculous Passes':-

'Steven Gerrard: The Art of Tackling':-

'Gerrard: Tackles' (1999-2014):- & & &

'Top 10: Steven Gerrard's Premier League screamers':-

'All Steven Gerrard Liverpool Goals':-

'Steven Gerrard ● All The Liverpool Goals from Start To Finish':-

'Steven Gerrard's first LFC goal':-

'EVERY Steven Gerrard goal against Everton' - from LFC:-

'9 of Gerrard's goals vs Manchester United':-

'Steven Gerrard's European goals' - from UEFA:-

'Every Steven Gerrard Goal in the FA Cup!' - from The FA:-

'Steven Gerrard -- Top 5 Free Kicks':-

'Steven Gerrard - The Beginning':-

'Steven Gerrard - A Complete Midfielder':-

'Steven Gerrard - The Story':-

'This is why Gerrard is the Ultimate Midfielder in Football':-

'Steven Gerrard - Irreplaceable':-

'Steven Gerrard - Legend of Anfield':-

'Steven Gerrard - Coming Home':-

'Steven Gerrard Legend Montage Sly Sports':-

'Steven Gerrard - The End':-

Some videos of Finals / Trophies won with Gerrard at Liverpool...

'2001 League Cup Final highlights':-

'2001 FA Cup Final highlights':-

'2001 UEFA Cup Final highlights':-

'2001 Charity Shield highlights':-

'2001 Super Cup Final highlights':-

'2003 League Cup Final highlights':-

'2005 Champions League Final highlights':-

'2005 Super Cup Final highlights':-

'2006 FA Cup Final highlights':-

'2006 Community Shield Highlights':-

^ or click here to watch -

'2012 League Cup Final highlights':-

Some Documentaries, Specials and Interviews with Gerrard...

'Football’s Greatest – Steven Gerrard – Documentary':-

'Premier League Heroes - Steven Gerrard':- &

'Steven Gerrard: my 2015 full documentary':-

'Steven Gerrard retires | Exclusive interview with Gary Lineker' - 2016:-

'Make Us Dream' - 2018:-

'Gary Neville's Soccerbox - Steven_Gerrard':-

'Rio meets... Steven Gerrard':-

'Steven Gerrard - A Year In My Life 2006 documentary':-

'Steven Gerrard & F2: Amazing Shooting Session':-

'What I Wore: Steven Gerrard':-

'Gerrard back at Melwood with Klopp, Carol & Caroline' - 2018, from LFC:-

Some videos from a few classic / memorable games with Gerrard in the team...

'Liverpool 2-0 Man United | Gerrard's thunderous long-range strike':-

'Everton 1 Liverpool 3 - 2001':-

'Liverpool 3-1 Olympiakos - 2004/05':-

'Barcelona 1-2 Liverpool - 2006/2007':-

'Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool (2007-08)':-

'Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid (2009)':-

'Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool (2009)':-

'Liverpool vs Napoli 3-1 - Highlights ; Gerrard Hat-trick 2010-2011':-

'Liverpool 3-0 Everton - Fantastic Hattrick from Steven Gerrard In 2011/12':-

'Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool - 2013/14':-

'Steven Gerrard Leaves Liverpool - Full Video 16.05.2015 His Final Game':-

'Steven Gerrard's farewell speech at Anfield':-

'Steven Gerrard receives standing ovation in emotional return to Anfield' - 2021:-

'Steven Gerrard ● All 21 Goals for England':-

'Steven Gerrard - England' (short 4 minute montage):-

'Steven Gerrard - La Galaxy - all goals and skills':-

'HIGHLIGHTS: The BEST of Steven Gerrard for the LA Galaxy':-

Gerrard with his 2001 PFA Young Player Of The Season Award...

Gerrard with his 2006 PFA Player Of The Season Award...

Gerrard with his 2009 FWA Player Of The Season Award...

Some articles on Steven Gerrard (among the thousands out there)...

Steven Gerrard - One of a Kind:

A Gerrard infographic for the ages!:

Portrait of a master:

Steven Gerrard - My Liverpool Story:

60 mins with Steven Gerrard:

'Parry admits that Steven Gerrard is considering his future at LFC' (2004):

The Steven Gerrard saga - BBC (2005):

Gerrard set to stay (2005):

Footballer of the year (2009):

Gerrard to leave Liverpool: 'Toughest decision of my life' (2014):

Steven Gerrard on his retirement - The interview in full:

Ranking Every Season of Steven Gerrard's Liverpool Career:

Steven Gerrard tells the story of Liverpool's Miracle in Istanbul:

Liverpool's Captain Fantastic with Derby Treble:

The Story of Steven Gerrard's Liverpool Career in 20 Games:

The Captain Before - and Beyond The Armband:

2006 - Cup Final, and The Perfection of Captaincy:

Gerrard & Torres - a World Class partnership that deserved more:

Gerrard - Stevie G vs Stevie I: (including his silence on Gillet & Hicks destroying the club at the time)

Gerrard claims in 2011: "The only reason I didn't speak out was because Rafa didn't want me to." re Gillet & Hicks:

^ Yet it was somehow okay for Reina, Agger & Masch to speak out? Hmmn...:

Gerrard on why he stayed quiet on Gillet & Hicks ownership:

“I totally understand why some of the fans were frustrated we didn’t speak out,” says Gerrard. “When I’m down with England I hear stories about what big players have said at their clubs, but when me and Jamie speak we’re worried people might say, ‘Does he think he’s bigger than Liverpool?’ So it was a horrible situation as I wanted to come out and use my status to help but I was terrified of it backfiring.

“Should I say something? Would it make a difference? Who are we to criticise our bosses? They were the questions I kept asking myself and at times they were on the tip of my tongue. But if I’d wanted to speak to the owners I couldn’t, they were never there. It was a mess.”

Carragher agrees: “Maybe me and Stevie should have come out when we had the power and said something, but we’re from here. We love the club and never like saying anything negative about it. It’s what we believe in. So whatever is thrown at you, you feel you have to take it."

^ Yet it was somehow okay for Reina, Agger & Masch to speak out - because they weren't from around Liverpool? And the protesting fans who all love Liverpool too... And no, nobody would have thought ‘Does he think he’s bigger than Liverpool?’ if Gerard had actually spoken out vs the owners - to say nothing of that being irrelevant to the dire situation at the time.

'You Hold D The Key Stevie' (June 2010; by Dave Maddock):

'Gerrard and Carra' (+ Purslow & media friends) - player power vs Rafa? (October 2010):

The Best There Is, The Best There Was, Best There Ever Will Be:

Godlike genius of football - Steven Gerrard:

Ta-ra to the Talsiman:

My Favourite Player: Steven Gerrard:

Gerrard - You'll know you'll often stop and think about him:

Gerrard - Top 5 Derby moments:

Gerrard's Emotional Reaction To Liverpool's First Ever PL Title:

“Loved Every Minute” of Anfield Playing Return (2022; Legends game):

RAWK 'Stevie Gerrard - The Manager Watch' thread (2018+):

Gerrard at EngandStats:

Steven Gerrard player profile info at Transfermarkt:


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Went to a funeral Wednesday for a lad who played in the same team as Gerrard.
When I come out the church he was outside paying his respects.

The greatest all-round footballer, I've ever seen.

Sacked by Villa.


--- Quote from: SamLad on October 20, 2022, 11:14:36 pm ---Sacked by Villa.

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