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Thanks for trying …gutted for you going through that again. We will never forget how you carried this club for so many years…Legend.

surfer. Fuck you generator.:
You would hope his mentality has matured a bit more from the 'I think about the slip most days' type and not add today to it. If he's going to have a good career as a manager he needs to analyse, deal with anything quickly on a day to day basis and move on. The people judging you properly do it over the long term, cumulatively.

Wasn’t to be unfortunately. A lot of work for him to be done at Villa.

El Lobo:
If people think that'll 'count against him' in terms of a bigger job, they might be disappointed. Last game of the season, nothing to play for, first choice keeper being an utter shithouse and asking not to play, away at the champions who need to win to win the league. And he's set them up to get to a position of 2 up after 3 quarters of the game. Unfortunately, what he has at his disposal is a reserve goalie who couldnt make the grade at Everton, and Tyrone Mings. As a manager you can try your hardest, but if you've got shite under pressure....they'll probably crumble. Next seasons a big one, he needs a proper clear out but he's done what was expected this season despite a pretty big drop off.

Whether or not his subs/game management cost them in the end, the only reason Villa were competitive in that game were because Gerrard was desperate to win.

City wouldn't coast through league seasons if every team had a proper go like that rather than write it off. They'd still win most games, but at least make them work for it. If City were playing anyone else at home outside the European places they'd have just walked it yesterday because the opponent wouldn't have been arsed (or just too shit if it was Leeds or Burnley).

At least next season Villa will at least be up for it and give them a game, it's more than most of the other 18 will.


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