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They don't seem to be reopening the old thread so thought I'd throw this up.

--- Quote ---Gerrard not in line for Liverpool Under-23s, but closes in on Academy role

Melissa Reddy

The Anfield legend is expected to be unveiled as a youth coach with the Reds in the new year, with his appointment in no way related to Michael Beale's exit

Steven Gerrard’s return to Liverpool will not come in the capacity of the club’s Under-23 coach, but he is due to join the Academy in January.

The 36-year-old is not being viewed as a replacement for Michael Beale, who is close to being unveiled as Sao Paulo’s assistant manager.
Instead, it is anticipated the Reds’ former captain, who called time on his playing career on November 24, will assume a floating position within the youth set-up to start with, although nothing has been signed and set in concrete yet.

Having held advanced talks with Liverpool before making his retirement announcement, Gerrard underlined his desire to learn and develop in the next phase of his career at Kirkby.

It is likely that his work with the club would dovetail with a function through the FA in England’s structures.

If Gerrard, who has been in attendance at Anfield for the 2-0 victories over Sunderland and Leeds, is to be put in charge of a team at Liverpool, it is expected he would oversee a younger age group as part of his own willingness to work his way up, as well as the Academy’s inclination to promote through the levels.

Jurgen Klopp also believes this is the correct approach. When the Reds boss was asked about Gerrard’s next move, he stated: “Maybe you can help make more English managers in England in the future if they can start working at the beginning, and not in the middle or the end.”

The Liverpool legend still has other offers to ponder, but all indications point to a return to his boyhood club in the new year.

--- End quote ---

Will be great to have him back at the club.
Its news & its a good source which warrants a thread of its own on the main board as Steven Gerrard the youth coach/trainer.

Be fantastic to have him back around his beloved home.

That's a great quote from Klopp too, sums up the issue with the lack of good English managers.


--- Quote from: tubby on December  8, 2016, 11:06:59 am ---That's a great quote from Klopp too, sums up the issue with the lack of good English managers.

--- End quote ---

Yep, contrast that with that ridiculous article by Robbie Savage about Ryan Giggs.


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