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The way he spoke after the game brought a tear to my eye, what a legend this guy has been to the club, never moaned never sulked just steps back into the side out of position again gives a five star performance, encourages everyone, notice how he is the first to react to young Trent straight away when Origi scores. A Legend.

BTW nearly didn't play tonight due to guys he knew personally that tragedley lossed their lives today, incredible

Always was and is a top man.

Pelé as a Comedian:
wouldnt go as far as to call him a legend. but a great servant to the club, consummate professional and (by all accounts) great guy.

Thought he was brilliant in the last round, and very unfortunate with the penalty.

Good performance tonight.

--- Quote from: jackh on November 29, 2016, 11:20:26 pm ---Credit to Lucas tonight.  I'd never question anybody for wishing not to turn in for work in those circumstances, but delivering a solid performance - as captain - is definitely amongst a range of perfect and most respectful tributes to those who can't be out there doing their thing on their big day.

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