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He's physically tremendous - very quick, if not express, and really as strong as they come.

I've said it before - forget about the comparisons to Sturridge. He's really more like what we bought Benteke to be. Big, strong and mobile. Presses like a madman. Equally comfortable making runs off the shoulder and threatening with his pace and bullying defenders with his size. He's also a remarkably composed finisher. You never get the sense that he will fluff his lines. Even if he hasn't yet scored a lot of goals, you get the sense that he knows exactly what he's doing. His movement is really good - but it's particularly good further away from the goal, and moving in on the goal with the ball at his feet. So far, we haven't seen as much of him getting into the area off the ball and finishing a move, but you get the sense that if Klopp wanted him to do more of that, he'd be more than capable of doing it.

Next season I'd like to see him really work on his finishing, and getting his goal tally up to 15-20 in all competitions. That would be a difficult, but achievable target for a lad of his level of talent.

I don't think he's ever going to be a Sturridge or an Henry - the type of player that drops deeper and creates a lot for others through clever passes and mazy dribbles. But I think he can be a great classic no.9: speed, strength, flicks, smart movement, intense pressing, quality finishing. Just about everything you want from a focal point of an attack.

Fantastic from Divock. Needs to spend hours on his finishing, but his instincts as shown by the goal are good. Add to that, his physical attributes and overall game play, he has the potential to be absolutely top notch.

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What a prospect this boy is. While his on-field attributes are clear for all to see, what I find impressive about this lad is his attitude off the pitch. Seems like a real humble kid looking to learn as much as possible. He can be huge for us in the future.

"Ninja Skrtel":
Thought he arrived very raw, timid and a bit lightweight. But in a few months he's become our fastest, strongest, most confident and arguably our most game intelligent striker. Fantastic progress and frightening potential.

Spanish Al:
I went to watch Wales away against Belgium in the November of the season we signed Divock and loaned him back to Lille. Divock started that night. He didn't do anything of note to be honest but I was still very impressed. His touch was superb, his hold up play was surprisingly good and his pace and direct running was a very clear threat. I was very surprised by his touch and hold up play more than anything and I am still surprised now at how fucking good he is in those areas. After we signed him and I read and heard a little detail on him, I just thought we were getting a very quick striker who has a decent skillset with big potential but we are getting so much more.

This lad is going to be the real deal and a vital part in Klopp's system and our future. He is the perfect striker for us.

edit: my only negative would be his finishing. He looks as if he knows what he wants to do. Just needs to execute it better, as he has the composure too. That is something that I don't really expect off him right now, more something he will develop as he gets older.


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