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Roberto Firmino

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He looked good from day one when he came on and flicked the ball over the defender when it was dead.

People these days just got no patience.

The Test:
Watching his compilation yesterday I was staggered by the number of audacious moves he's already pulled off. But most of the brilliance is individual and contained right now. He just needs at least one other player who's completely on his wavelength to explode. Whether that's cou or sturridge coming back, or texeira arriving... We'll see.

He is the closest thing to Suarez we've had since Luis's departure. His movement is first class, while he could easily have three extra assists if it weren't for poor finishing by others.


--- Quote from: DangerScouse on January 24, 2016, 10:55:25 am ---Big fan of his despite his inconsistency. He'll be absolutely boss next season having had a season under his belt to adopt

--- End quote ---

He's a great talent but has his quiet games. If you've got more quality like Coutinho, Texiera and Sturridge around him then you can afford him to have quiet games.

Said he'd come good when he has time to settle in and get used to the league, those writing him off already were foolish. Has all the attributes needed to make it in the Prem, has the attitude and work rate to be a top player. Can't help but imagine if he was fast too he'd be a 50m+ player, although in that case he'd probably be at a top club


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