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Roberto Firmino

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I'd prefer to release him in the summer, save the wages and give minutes to Doak, obviously not through the middle but across the forward line.

We have enough central options in Nunez, Jota and Gakpo.

Prime Firmino did a lot of midfield work, in defense and buildup. Missing that is one of the key reasons we look so hollow in the center, even though the system is nominally the same. I doubt that the current Firmino is the solution to that problem, but Nunez is also a completely different kind of #9.

Trump's tiny tiny hands:
Iím loathe to offer another contract extension at this point. Love Bobby but this attempt at a transitional side is a failure. The older pros are just going through the motions. Need a reboot

Coolie High:
Where do we find a 25 year old Bobby?


--- Quote from: Coolie High on February  4, 2023, 05:26:41 pm ---Where do we find a 25 year old Bobby?

--- End quote ---


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