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“He basically ticks every negative box on the "caution re: renewing players over 30" checklist. Does he still have a lot to offer the right team? Totally. If we kept him, would he contribute next season? I'm sure he would, to some extent. Does that mean it makes sense, financially or from a squad perspective? God no.“

This. He’s a legend and will leave with his head held high but it’s time to go.

Of course he will still be capable of the odd purple patch or stunning moment but he can’t contribute at the highest level for 40 games a season. He should probably have been moved on in the summer. We can’t keep clinging to Klopp’s first great team. We need to focus on building his second great team.

We could do with the foreign player spot and the 100k+ a week in wages.

Ravishing Rick Dude:

--- Quote from: capt k on January 28, 2023, 05:39:39 am --- was he asking for donations so he can buy a helicopter??

--- End quote ---


Johnny Foreigner:

--- Quote from: Johnny Foreigner on January 19, 2023, 11:18:58 pm ---I know that RB is 31 years old - seems to be a wonderful human being - lovely smile and contributed to some of the clubs best moments. sadly now - a bit injuries and lost a bit of his pace (although pace not primary asset). He is set for life

The club does not owe him anything; lowball him on a one year contract and tell his agent to fuck off

I thought you were american ?

--- End quote ---

Speaking about contracts; 2,5 months since most recent league match - enough said

His agent says a new deal is close…

Big mistake really. At some point we need to move on and start a proper rebuild.


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