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--- Quote from: Ghost Town on October 12, 2022, 09:19:00 pm ---Considers taking the piss out of the 'he's finished' brigade ;D

--- End quote ---

Give the man a 3 year contract.  Actually, he can go on for 4-5 more years with his touch, skill and confidence.

Ghost of Christmas RAWK:
Bobby is so boss at football, and as a side job also helps identify people who know fuck all ;)

Aggro Berlin:
Fantastic revival by Bobby, completely unexpected in terms of scoring given the last few seasons but delighted, hope it continues. If this is his last year, then hopefully he ends it well.

Its probably no coincidence he played the 14th fewest minutes last season and has started the season looking one of the freshest.

I find it hard to believe well let him leave on a free, would be utterly stupid that (provided hes not asking for a 5 year extension)


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