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Bobby doesn't score 25 goals a season. Therefore, others are better.

It's a tired argument.

It's a team game. Bobby has helped to make us what we are and what we've won. And will continue to.

Jurgen is tired of defending Bobby against neanderthal arguments.

Bobby is Boss.

If Bobby doesn't get a new contract then maybe Jurgen agrees with carra somewhat

It isn't ideal to have an outfield sub who can only play one position and needs the team to adjust to his stly  of play.  I was hoping we might shift to a 4 - 2 - 3 -1, as that migvht give bobby a more prominent role this yr.  Bobby looks like he  is gonna move on and we are moving on from the false 9 role, o I guess carra might be right

 A month ago:

Hes still a great player, playing some of his best football in a struggling team
Hes not a traditional 9, but he never was and that worked fine.

Also, I think we should see it as a tactical opportunity, not burden, to have a different player like him in the squad.

Its kind of absurd to say that the team has to adapt to him, when hes been the gel keeping our attack ticking in so many games. Hes done so much ungrateful groundwork for Salah and Mane

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