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Roberto Firmino

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I think his lack of English probably hasn't helped. As he gets a better understanding of the language he'll be able to better understand what's being said to him on the pitch where you don't have time to be translating everything to cater for everyone's languages


--- Quote from: an fear dearg on January 24, 2016, 10:51:42 am --- These stats are similar to a little Uruguayan in his first season with us.

--- End quote ---
It`s eerily similar how bright both are in the final third and how similar their movements are. Luis never really got to his best level with us until we signed Sturridge who was a perfect partner for him. Firmino will need similar kind of help as well.

Sometimes very casual on the pitch like your screaming move for the ball!!  But a wonderfully gifted player who can become huge for us

Think  he has a long way to go, but I'm sure he'll continue to contribute. Probably some way off being at the absolute top, but if everything falls into place he's a good person to have around :)

The G in Gerrard:
Doing really well and not in his best position.


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