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Centenary Stand "Upgrade"

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I said that last night!!! I said I didn't think either you or JP were the sort to buy a name badge on  a tacky walll!! (From what I know of you!/I know JP from when we went to Marseilles}

The steward said he thought the names were random but I said whilst yours might be relatively common some def weren't! A lot were foreign and unpronounceable  I though maybe they had applied though I hasn't seen anything about it

You want me to find out more??? Doubt if JP knows - shame you can't tag people like on FB! :D

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
I put the article up on my facebook. I'll tag JP in it.

Could do with finding out, see how much they owe me ;)

I want to see what he says. you're getting a friend request!!! :D Don't blame you!!!

Timeless Melody:

--- Quote ---Liverpool Football Club is continuing its investment in Anfield and has made a number of improvements during the close season.
The wide range of improvement work, which will benefit all supporters visiting Anfield this season includes; refurbishment to the Champions and European lounges, expansion of the LFC Family Park with new catering and bar units added, additional ladies toilets, 11 additional wheelchair spaces in the Kop along with a 'changing places' toilet facility located nearby, which is one of only two facilities available in a Premier League stadium.

Andrew Parkinson, operations director at Liverpool FC, said: "In preparation of the new season, we have made a significant number of improvements to Anfield - many more than we have ever done previously.
"Making Anfield a better place to visit is very important and something which the club is committed to by its continued investment in and development of the stadium.
"As well as the noticeable improvements, a lot of upgrading work has also taken place across the stadium that may not be as obvious to our fans such as developing the stadium floodlights in line with new Premier League guidelines, which will enhance the viewing experience for fans,"

Jeanette Dodd, Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee Disabled Supporters' representative, added: "These new improvements will make a considerable difference to fans visiting Anfield, particularly our disabled fan base.

"In response to several requests for a 'changing places' toilet facility, consultations took place with the club over many months, so I am pleased that LFC is able to offer this much-needed facility."

The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, which is one of the largest football disabled supporters associations in the world, also consulted with the club alongside the LFC SC on the improvements for disabled fans.
--- End quote ---

My opinion I realise.........but that design just SUCKS! The Champions Wall looks like it was done by a primary school student using a Letraset, and as for the 'Here we go gathering cups in May' wall.......dear Fowler! What were they thinking?
75 million for Suarez and they can't even be bothered to pay a couple of thousand for a 1/2 decent interior designer!!!!
Morecambe F.C. (with all due respect) would be embarrassed with this!


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