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Centenary Stand "Upgrade"

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I have always thought this would be another way to add purely a guess 2000-3000 seats (I have 0 knowledge of building except for Lego with the kids) and maybe at the same time making the stand a little higher thus matching the roof in with the other 2 stands. I know itís never that straightforward but hey ho. Iím sure most people on here have a better knowledge than me but Iíve thought for a long time both ends of the KD stand were a mess. And also with the brick tower externally on the stand would it not be possible to extend the upper tier to that point and in so not really enlarging the footprint of the stand past those towers (Iíve tried to show in one of the photos) the KD stand could then be raised to the same height (itís not a million miles off now) as the new anfield road stand and make the roofs on the 3 stands marry together, I understand adding 5-6 metres effects right to light but letís be honest if the club approached the 20 odd houses and said we want to heighten the stand by 5-6 metres but in doing so we will compensate you there would be no way people would say no, but as I said Iím no expert I just enjoy the development of the ground, and hearing from people on here with better knowledge is very interesting.

Kop Kenny:
I think realistically the only way to ever redevelop the SKD stand is to buy back the houses behind it that we stupidly sold for a pittance, your idea unfortunately would fall foul of planning regs, right to light and worse FA and UEFA rules on stand elevation angles etc I believe in the current situation.

The new Main stand is a classic example of how much land you need to build a stand of that size minus the extra land we never developed that was supposed to be an hotel but realistically you're talking buying up at least the next street, which I think we sold to a housing association. Personally I would love to see a new SKD emerge as a mirror of the Main and the same with the Kop but single tier but with the complexities of re-routing WBR I doubt it will ever happen.

The front row of the upper KD is the best seat in the house IMO

The back is the absolute worst

Ghost Town:

--- Quote from: PaulKS on July 26, 2023, 12:12:12 pm ---The front row of the upper KD is the best seat in the house IMO

The back is the absolute worst

--- End quote ---
Agree, esp. about the back. Did it once, never will again

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:

--- Quote from: stueya on May  9, 2023, 07:50:07 pm ---Mine are in Row 30in KH, Iím 6í2 so itís a pain in the arse, like the stand though and would be made up if I was in Row 31- the back row by the wall as thereís loads more leg room in them

--- End quote ---

I'm 5'9 and don't fit in those seats so feel for you. Row 26 in front of the disabled part, only one row behind now.


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