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Centenary Stand "Upgrade"

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I had a nose around one of the lounges in the Centenary Stand last night - the Champions Suite on the second floor. Oh my God!!!!  >:(

It looks like an American Diner! It has fitted seating round the edge in red and grey, then small square tables with two seats at each, or tables in pairs - just think KFC!! Like this with more grey in it and less space between the tables - oh and no USA flags so far!:

There are a couple of tables in a section slightly back in, with panelling each side, also in red and grey. And round one of the pillars there is a multi-shelf unit - used for serving desserts apparently - until someone walks into one of the corners and hurts themselves! The TVs are round the pillars which is ok.

It was only finished in the last couple of days so hasn't been used yet. It's probably ok for match-day hospitality which is no doubt where they make most of their money, but we used to use it for events and it's no longer suitable for that. We have wheelchair users and there wouldn't be room for them to get through. They have really packed the tables in - they had number on each and there were over 100 - but it looks cheap IMO. ::) But hey, money is the key, so they're happy!  They should rename it the Ronald McDonald Lounge, the state of it!!

(The Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley Happy Meal Boxes were an interesting take, but the King Kenny free figurines might be a collectors' item! ;) )

The only good thing was a Champions Wall at one end which listed on our trophies - white with gold on. But it's at the far end of the lounge so some won't even realise it's there!  Sorry, didn't have my phone on me to take any pictures.

Also, outside by the lifts they have decorated the wall so it makes your eyes go a bit funny. Along the corridor to the European Suite which I didn't go into but the steward said it's similar, is a "Route to Istanbul" display - not even sure what to call it - just lots of dots stuck on the wall, red on white. Some have names on though and I wondered why. The stewards reckoned they were random - apart from Ged Poynton - but they aren't!! Two of the ones I noticed are rawkites for a start - Jonathan Hall and Jon-Paul Hill! Most are foreign so I wondered if people had paid to have their names included. But most have been stuck on crooked and a couple repeated - which says a lot about our club these days - so it looks pretty poor!! I assume they will sell the opportunity to have your name added at some point, replacing the plain red ones on there at the moment???

I'd be interested in what others know or think about it if you go in!

The No 7 Lounge is still quite tasteful on the Ground Floor, and I don't think the Reds Bar has changed but if that's an upgrade, well....  :-X

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
Interesting, even more so with my name appearing there without my permission...

The 5th Benitle:

--- Quote from: Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆ on August 12, 2014, 08:48:30 pm ---Interesting, even more so with my name appearing there without my permission...

--- End quote ---
How much did you pay ;D

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
More to the point, how much should they pay me.

Wonder who i can ask at the club for why my name appears?

Doc Evil:
Yeah saw this too last night. Low point was the fries boxes with Paisley on one side and Shankly on the other. Fucking sacrilege.
I blame Hally. ;D


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