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--- Quote from: Barney. Thanks. on May 18, 2014, 03:54:34 pm ---No sympathy for anyone that has it all and wastes it. I've had to live with minimum wage most of my life. Only started getting a decent wage over the minimum when I was 26/27. Still struggle to get to the end of the month occasionally.

--- End quote ---

Is right, if you have millions and blow it all, you are obviously a weapon. Some are living off minimum and still getting on with it.

If you can retire before 40 and still do extra work to get money, yet can't keep hold of yourself when spending, then you have problems.

Anyone seen the price of playstation 4 games 40 quid a throw , all them years shelling out and for new consoles too

I work sometimes over 50 hours a week, so no pity for him


Apparently 70% of NFL players blow through their money.

youll never walk alone it:
Played biggish part in us not at least taking the title to  the very end in 97...


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