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Glad he's been brought through (sock robber), would also like to see Carra doing the same, he's got his badges as well, no?

Loved Mickey Marsh despite his lack of appearances.   Will never forget that Auxerre game.   Cold night ,trailing 2-0 against Guy Roux's team. A half empty anfield but what a racket. When walters scored that goal the kop totally erupted,  what a night.

Crosby Nick:

--- Quote from: mingle on February 21, 2013, 05:07:40 am ---scored a great goal v Swindon in a 5-0 (I think) win...

--- End quote ---

Also scored in a 5-0 against Palace I think? And then possibly scored a penalty against them in a League Cup match.


That early 90s era was pretty bleak relative to what had gone before. Although a dream to play for LFC it can't have been easy to be playing for a club that ruled Europe less than a decade before and was then toiling in the league. He wasn't box office but I do remember Marsh. That Auxerre goal was a good moment after several years without European football.

Nice read.


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