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John Wark

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--- Quote from: AJL on February 20, 2013, 12:45:45 pm ---spend the afternoon having a beer with him and his/my mate, really nice fella. 

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--- Quote from: pooley on February 20, 2013, 01:01:10 pm ---he used to put the ale away like there was no tomorrow.

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Just as I remember.........

Les Willis:
I always rated him highly for Ipswich (and Scotland) and was chuffed when we signed him. He always seemed to be a model pro in an old school type of way. He's one of those players though that I associate with another club (ie: Ipswich) rather than being one of ours, for some reason. Maybe it's because of that that he's an unsung hero.

TLW 84:
For some reason I remember him playing as a number 7 or filling in for Kenny. He seemed to slot in easily anyway and was a real Liverpool player.

The 5th Benitle:
My earliest memories of watching us play all involve John Wark - seemed a real battler. Could do with him now to be honest.

Signing Wark was a shock to me. Ipswich was still formidable though their best days (of Cooper, Burley, Mills, Osman, Butcher, Thijssen, Muhren, Gates, Mariner, Brazil and of course Wark) were long gone by then.

Though Wark of Liverpool was probably not Wark of Ipswich season 80/81, he still single-handedly carried the our team in 84-85 - a team adjusting to the lost of Souness, Molby in transition and finding his feet, Dalglish kind of on the wane and Rush affected by injuries early on.

One of the best goalscoring midfielders around ever. We took him for granted because we were so loaded all over the park. We certainly can do with a John Wark today.

Thanks for the write-up ...


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