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My Favourite Player #2 - Sami Hyypia

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2.5 million. Steal of the fuckin' century, that. That defence of Riise, Hyypia, Carra, Finnan was epic for 3-4 years. Wish he'd arrived earlier, stayed a little longer. Sums it up, really.


--- Quote from: Aristotle on November 16, 2012, 12:26:56 am ---The flying Finn also captained the reds from 2001-2003 and even though Gerrard was promoted to captain in 2003 Sami took it with dignity and model professionalism, one could argue that for the remainder of his career when he played he was still Liverpool's captain - armbands be damned.

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--- Quote from: Aristotle on November 16, 2012, 12:26:56 am ---he was everything I wanted to be as a person. Personafied professionalism, loyal and devoted, inspired others and above all his charasmatic way of leading by example.

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Great piece about a great player. I remember when Houllier signed Hyypia, our defence the previous season was lightweight and pourous and when I first saw him I thought he certainly looked the part.

The first preseason friendly we played he was magnificent, his partnership with Henchoz was brilliant but then he tended to play well whoever his partner was.

The two quotes sum him up as a player and a person I think.


--- Quote from: Malaysian Kopite on December  2, 2012, 07:24:09 am ---Fantastic player. Still fuming at how he was treated towards the end. Degen ahead of Sami?

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That's something, I hold against Rafa forever. Two minutes playtime at last game is spit on the face.

Sami is in my top 5 favorite players ever. My favorite players are outstanding individuals on and off the pitch and Sami is one of the best. How many players would be stripped of their captaincy and not moan either with words off the pitch or performances on the pitch?

Wonderful stuff. That match at Old Trafford was sublime, asked to come in at the last minute and he was arguably the best player on the pitch. But an amazing player and a proper professional for sure, he was magnificent throughout his decade here.


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