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My Favourite Player #2 - Sami Hyypia

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Fantastic player and he seems like a genuine nice fella. Liverpool legend.

Got the pleasure to meet him in the early 00's, and then he went on to score a typical Hyypia back post header the following week in some Europe game, which the name of the match has escaped my mind.

D'awwww U guise <3

Does anyone know if that twitter account is his?

If I was picking an all time XI for liverpool there would be two names that got in there without hesitation- Souness and Hypia, all the other positions could be debated depending on formation, who would gel with who etc.

Not these two, best Centre Back I think I have seen at LFC, him and Hansen in my lifetime.

there is so much i could write about Sami

I feel I owe it to try and I will soon

One abiding memory for me was a match around this time of the year in 2005 at home to Middlesboro, Sami was briefly forced off the pitch after a bad clash of heads, possibly with Mark Viduka. However despite the injury Sami was quickly back on the pitch with his head heavily bandaged and received deserved warm applause for playing on in an era of diving fannies. Liverpool would win the match 2-0 thanks to two Fernando Morientes goals but the biggest cheer of the afternoon came shortly after Hyypia came back on, bandaged or not, head injury or not within seconds he launched himself at a cross to nuff out an attack. I swear he must have leapt about 12 foot in the air towering over everyone to head it clear.

I have heard goals cheered less, the crowd really gave it socks before breaking into "sami, sami hyypia"

Sums up the big man, never gave less than his best, never afraid to get hurt, always a collosus


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