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Acceptable Sources and Unacceptable Sources when posting Media Stories.

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away day travel:
Sky Sports only, tends to be my "who to believe" rule!


--- Quote from: away day travel on February 13, 2014, 03:47:31 pm ---Sky Sports only, tends to be my "who to believe" rule!

--- End quote ---

Really?! Skysports is mainly bollocks.

how about Indykilla on Twotter?  :tosser

The Mule:
Hello mods/staff was going start a thread about a Telegraph article which happens to quote and make reference to The S*n. Given the magnitude about what this is about it is almost certainly going to be discussed by reds at some stage but wanted to clear it here first.

Below is/was my intended post:

Apologies if already posted but I was interested to know what people's thoughts on the below were? Is this the final lethal injection to the domestic game, even the game as we know it? Or, is this a perfectly sensible direction to take for a club like ours in order to secure our future among the elite given how increasingly competitive the Premier League (and therefore how difficult Champions League qualification) has become?

**Warning: The below is a link to a Telegraph article which shows and references the back page of The S*n. Due to the potential magnitude of the implications (I'm sure this is going to be discussed among reds at some point) and the fact that this is a Telegraph article, I thought it would be ok to post. Sincere apologies in advance if I'm wrong about that.**

[link removed]

If the story has legs it will be reported without sourcing the Sun. We just do not allow Sun stories, even indirectly.

Thanks for asking first though.


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