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Don't be gagged my the old bill!!

Tell us your Euro stories...

See you all in Leverkusen/Cologne/Dusseldorf or Brussels

The BIlly Boston Euro Experience.....

Forgive the spelling........Boston in Barcelona

   It' a hell of a story. Young Billy Boston hails from Churchtown in Southport, a place where his parents settled after growing
   up in the holy city. As with the other three Southport lads realtives, friends and their roots very much sprout from Liverpool.
   Anyway unlike the two founded of the Souie Crew (Dortmund, Boavista, Barca, Rome) Boston had only visited Dortmund
   and the other youngsters had became dab hands with dealing wit hthe ups and down of a couple of nights in shady cities.
   But on arrival Boston, simply oved it and to tell the truth probably went OTT but after enjoying a few relaxing drinks by the
   Cafe Zurich we retired back to our Hotel. From drinking on the train from Limey to London and then on the plane it had took
   it's toll on Boston and at the htoel he lost the plot. We sang his way through reception and then vitally kicked his door down
   to get into his room before spraying two cans of beer all over the palace and put holes in the wall trying to communicate to
   us next door. ON the Tuesday night we hit the Port Olmypico and with devasting effects. At around 3am Boston simple
   disappearing and we had met with most of travelling so after check around the habour and a quick glance in thedirty water
   we headed off back to our hotel. I woke ataround 7am on WEdnesday (god only knows h
   ow) and I went to check to see if Boston was back. He wasn't but 10 minues a now scuffy figure stubbled up the sterps and
   with a heavyly brusied left eyehe collapsed on his bed saying "Just don't ask. Don't ask." After a walk around the city two of
   us returned to the hotel at 10.30am and Boston was still in bed. At around 11am we got up and decided to force some
   breakfast down, and just two hours later he was onthe ale again. Then we got the full storyof Bsotn Tueday night.

   TUESday night in Bostons' eye (Eyes wide shut!)

   After walking away from us he aproached a Spanish taxi driver and ask for the "Titi Camara Bar's" and after handing over 50
   Euro's we was off!!!! Around the corner and into a bar named 'Fantasy Island' which he still keeps a card from today. The
   taxi driverr got him a beer and a cigar and Boston was top of the world!!!
   We walked up to a black girl and put his tongue down her thoat! But she wanted another 90 Euro's for a brass!!! He said he
   paid 40 Euro to the taxi driver, how had legged it by then and the Manager was in like a shot!!!
   We banged Boston a few times and chucked him out of his club!! Then a rich and helpful Scouser gave Bsotn 40 euro to get
   back. But that wasn't it he spoted the taxi driver again and agrued with him but the driver was sober and you know the rest
   Boston left the bar at around 4am and it took him 3hours to find Las Ramblas which has really about 20 minutes walk. He
   even got a map from some Spanish bin men!

   On Wednesday we went back to the Cafe Zurcih and met with some of Barnes's Daytrippers and we knicked a Barca footie
   and kicked it aorund the square along with two cases of San Miguel!!
   The day was great and we even manged to climb down from the top to the better seats in the second half.
   After the game we headed for the Hard Rock cafe and it was just a DE JA VU! Boston was starting to lose it again on the
   In ourtrackies and trainees he had to the club and they let us in!
   Boston was at it again chatting up Spanish birds and they were having none of it! We all put our falgs on the stage and
   partyed singing and dancing until around 3am and once agina Boston went missing (no guess's please) we was off like a
   shot to the Camara bars have a gang of reds this time!
   They went to the same please and again it was too expensive for the Liverpool Boys so it wa son to next door and Boston
   managed to haggle with a whore dwon to 40 Euro and once again he picked a black bird. Give him his due, he took the
   longest and he kept his 70's LFC Retro shirt on through the real 9 yards!!!!!

   Again he returned back to his trashed hotel room at around 6am just 3 hours before his flight. ain he enjoyed some
   breakfast and set the Hotel smoke alarm off trying to toast a donut (real the lad's got no common sense) then the four
   Southport lads mounted a taxi to the airport thinking 'loads of TIME' BUt wrong again!

   At check the Air Europa fella said it was 9am and our flight left at 9.10am, far too late to check in and Boston asked if the
   flight had left and they said no, so he was off leggin' it past all the police and security who were chasing him they caught
   him and he explained I think if he had got the wrong coppas he would have been knicked but the police ran with the
   Southportcru to the gate and help them get on the flight. Superb!!!

   THey finally return to Gatwick Airport with Boston now looking a shade of green, they blagged the jounrey help on the train
   and planned the trip to Boro on the Saturday also highly Eventful!!!!

   But what I really wanted to tell you is that I'm Loaded for Leverkusen (Stansted this time) and Boston because HE GOT
   THE HOTEL AND TOLD THEM THEY HAD READ ABOUT IT. and I always thought that this was 'THe People's Club' not
   Moyes' Boys!!!



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