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Polish Missile Dudek

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Jerzy was hit by a missile last night as polish fans overeacted after losing 2-0 to World Cup Hosts Japaan. What planet are they on the daft  :wanker:

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
Lucky jamie C was'nt there advising otherwise Jerzy would've thrown the bugger back.

You can see it now.

3000 fans all complain they were all hit by 1 returning missile.

Slight piece of mis-information by .tv there.

Dudek actually suffered temporary damage to his (left) ear when a firecracker thrown from the crowd exploded next to him.

The Polish fans were not expecting to lose to Japan, and so conceding two goals in the first half was too much for them (or one of them). Dudek was not supposed to be subbed at half time... but was, at his own request. Highlights show him holding his ear later in the first half...

I've no news on how he is now or whether he'll be OK for Charlton...

Your Polish news service

Oh and neither of the two goals were Jerzy's fault...  ;D



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