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#SHANKLY100 Forgotten Heroes Part 7 - Ian St. John

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--- Quote from: xabi rules on June 16, 2009, 11:26:14 am ---I don't believe that he belongs in a forgotten heroes tribute simply because he hasn't been forgotten. ;)

--- End quote ---
Exactly. Forgotten? Hardly.

Legend on the pitch, top bloke off it - met him several times years ago via family friends and we regularly used to bump into him whilst walking his dogs up by Childwall Woods .

His playing career was before my time, but my old man used to rave about him. Oh and the fact he knocked that bloke spark out once in the middle of a match (think it's on YT still) just adds to his legendary status.

These threads are not just for those who know/remember him playing but for many who do not. Glad you enjoyed it. ;D

Football's a team game, Saint. ;D

Loved the way the 65 Cup Final commentator called him "SinJin".

Nice one Sarge :wellin

forgotten??? ???


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