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--- Quote from: Sarge on January  8, 2008, 11:31:07 pm ---Who in your opinion will make the first 16 soon?

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Hard to say because I feel Rafa expects these players to do a Gerrard, Carra, Fowler or Owen in that if they play the 1st team then he expects them to stay there or he will sell them. Hope I am wrong.

To answer your questions I have to look at the positions that I feel are not so strong at the minute in the 1st team and if I go by that I expect:

Insua to be involved soon at left back but that depends on how well he is settling in England. Really shocked he hasnt been in the 1st team this season as our 1st team left backs have not had the best of seasons.

Nemeth - Even though we have 4 forwards at the moment in the 1st team squad. Only 1 of them in world class. Rather play Nemeth than Kuyt at the moment. If he keeps on scoring like he is for the reserves he will be in the 1st team squad for some games for sure.

Anderson - I expect this lad to be in the 1st squad next season. We could of done with him this season when JP was injured. Good player. Can take players on and score goals. Swansea want to keep him but I would be really disappointed if we sell and that would make me lose faith in any of the players talked about on here breaking in to the 1st team.

Gutrie - even though centre mid is a strong position for us I expect momo to be sold. leaving us with Gerrard, Alonso, Lucas and hopefully Mash. I would hopefully add Gutrie to this for next season as he adds something different.


--- Quote from: ouestlereferee on January  8, 2008, 11:51:31 pm ---i don't think it's a question of just playing them in the CC like arsenal - i wish it was but the trouble is that rafa's squad is possibly too big, so he has to use the CC just to give games to momo, voro, itandje, nowadays kuyt & crouch...  it could be argued this really is a wider issue on the effect of rotation at the club

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Interesting point that.


--- Quote from: Fordy on January  8, 2008, 11:23:24 pm ---What worries me though is someone like Linfield how was raved about is no where near the 1st team and you have to wonder why.

Any thoughts on Linfield anyone.

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He's just come back, hasn't he? 

Pacheco's being worked up to playing the 90mins.  The same now needs to be happening with Bruna, who's a couple of months behind Pacheco, it seems.  So this requires gametime.  Don't know if Lindfield's reappearance is conducive to this.   I'd imagine he'll go out on loan again - he's 19, so I'd say we've got more potentially to gain from Pacheco (just 17) and Bruna (16) by giving them the match minutes..
Possibly he should be loaned out again.

I'm interested in people's evaluations of our young players and their futures. Bear in mind that our central midfield is packed full of talent. Someone has to be fucking brilliant (or a huge injury crisis) to break into that. Our players in there have plenty left in them.

Similarly at the back Sami is on his last legs but with Agger, Carra, Skrtel - someone has to be better than Hobbs to just get a look in. There maybe a slot in the squad when Sami leaves - I think that's a key area to be looking at in terms of getting a youngster as cover over the next 2 years.


--- Quote from: xavidub on January  8, 2008, 11:41:51 pm ---Any word on how Brouwer is doing?

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yes, he's roughly as effective in the ressies as kuyt in the first team.  doesn't have the workrate tho...

maybe they can split the cost of the removals van as they both move back to holland.


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