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--- Quote from: Fordy on January  8, 2008, 11:20:36 pm ---No excuses for some of these players not getting in to the 1st squad over the next year or soon.

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Good to hear, i do not hear much about these lads over here so this is great news.


--- Quote from: Fordy on January  8, 2008, 11:23:24 pm ---What worries me though is someone like Linfield how was raved about is no where near the 1st team and you have to wonder why.

Any thoughts on Linfield anyone.

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Who in your opinion will make the first 16 soon?


--- Quote from: .adam on January  8, 2008, 10:33:23 pm ---He's a striker. Poached from Barcelona as he was ineligible for a professional contract (Spanish contract law differs from UK - you can sign a professional contract in the UK earlier than in Spain, was the same was Fabregas).

At Barcelona he was highly rated, they said he was in their top three prospects alongside Guy Asulin (a deep-lying playmaker) and Tiago (I think).

He is a pacy and tricky striker but (as shoud be expected) he is tiny and only sixteen. His goalscoring record throughout his career has been excellent, he's really one for the future.

I would predict a season in the reserves (which, supposedly, is we he agreed to sign and Rafa promised him playing time with the reserves and training in the FULL team) and then perhaps a season out on loan.

In a couple of years we should be seeing him come through, after he has physically matured and mentally adapted to life in England.

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I'd expect him sooner rather than later, to be honest.  Technically he seems good enough.  It's the physicality I'd be worried about, and once he starts playing 90 mins for the ressies (I think he's only started 1 game so far - the last ressie game - the spurs friendly - been doing Babel-esque cameos - 6 sub appearances in the last 6 ressie PL games), I think it we will see him quite soon if he's going to make it.  You see, he's a Michael Owen-type player, and generally players in that mould show themselves early if they are good enough.  Granted, Pacheco only turned 17 a couple of days back, but if he was to go on loan for next season, we'd be getting him back at 18 and a half - and only then would he even be in contention for the odd Carling Cup game and sub appearance.  If he was special in his position & style of play I'd expect to see at least something by that point....

Age i am not worried about  i am in the mould of if your good enough then in you go.


--- Quote from: the_red_pill on January  8, 2008, 11:12:38 pm ---And there are others still- Huth, Spearing, Darby, Flynn, Mackay-Steven, Bruna, Insua(of course), a young Peter Crouch(can't remmber his name), Pacheco...
Pacheco, I suspect, being the dark-horse between the lot...

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Pacheco I'd say will be good enough.

I think Bruna has only made one sub appearance for the ressies so far but Madrid were seriously annoyed when we took him off them I believe - I think he was THE star of their youth setup too...  So... given the fuss about Pacheco and himself (both straight into the ressies at 16 rather than the academy) I'd be quite disappointed if at least one of them didn't turn out to be at least a reasonably good player at our level (e.g. Pennant level or better)


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