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--- Quote from: Sarge on January  8, 2008, 11:04:16 pm ---Indeed happy days.

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And there are others still- Huth, Spearing, Darby, Flynn, Mackay-Steven, Bruna, Insua(of course), a young Peter Crouch(can't remmber his name), Pacheco...
Pacheco, I suspect, being the dark-horse between the lot...


--- Quote from: Scoobydoo on January  8, 2008, 11:11:01 pm ---Any word on Insua getting a run in the team.  He's been linked with a loan move to spain for the rest of the season so could be one for next season. Playing LB or RB is defo a position a young player can break into the team. Different up front if your not scoring or you look lost in central midfield.

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I thought we would have seen more of him this season.

Eccleston looks like a really promising player. A player that could bust into the 1st team at an early age a player

Nemeth is a fox in the box player.Really good finisher.

Anderson  - This lad is going to go far. Really good winger. I hope after the loan at Swansea he is in the 1st squad next season.

Spearing - So reminds me of a young Gerrard. Tough tackling no rubbish. Think he used to play out wide but not 100 %. Either way this lad can make but needs to improve all round dont think he near the 1st yet.

Gutrie - Will be very disappointed if we sell this lad. Got a promising future. Looks relaxed on the ball and with Bolton and Fulham thinking about making 3 million bids. You can tell the lad is not a bit time player.

We have talent coming though but its how we develop them in to quality players/1t players. No point sending them out on loan to sell them. We have to maybe do what Arsenal do a play them in the Carling Cup and other cup competitions. No excuses for some of these players not getting in to the 1st squad over the next year or soon.

Bob Loblaw:
What about the lad that looks very like Momo(physique wise), plays in the centre too. Looks a tidy player anyway.

What worries me though is someone like Linfield how was raved about is no where near the 1st team and you have to wonder why.

Any thoughts on Linfield anyone.


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