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--- Quote from: royhendo on February  2, 2023, 04:34:48 pm ---Anyone watched Tyler Morton much at Blackburn?

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They are doing well and still in the Cup. Won't want to come back.

Coolie High:

--- Quote from: RyanBabel19 on February  2, 2023, 06:44:43 pm ---Managed to tune into a few games, he's a very good player. What he lacks in size he makes up for in willingness to battle and he isn't scared of making tackles and getting involved. Very smart on the ball and his composure is a standout quality, not in the arrogant young player way but in the good vision and awareness way. From my understanding of the game he's very press resistant and plays intellegent passes once he steps out of trouble rather than just shifting the ball on to the closest teammate

I think he has a future here. His passing range is superb and he's got a knack of disguising passes that aid transitions brilliantly, been a few times I expect a certain type of simple pass to keep play ticking over and he'll instead drive a low pass forward taking a few opposition players out of the game.

Be interested to see how he copes with pace in the premier league, he seems decent over the first few yards which can make the world of difference coupled with speed of thought. Unlikely to see it anytime soon but i'd love to see him and Bacjectic gain some extra strength in summer and line up at the base of midfield together in a cup game or two, you could see them controlling a game and having opposition CMs chasing shadows with their playstyle, very Pirlo-esque with the nonchalance and making things look like they're playing at their own pace

I really like the lad and I hope he makes it here. He's got something and I think he's a standout talent. That being said I dont watch them a lot and they’ve been random games here and there, interested to see the plan next season, still young and a lot to learn obviously but wonderful potential which I think he showed in his minutes for us before going out on loan

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Yeah good post, I rate him as well, remind me of Kroos, a bit of Kroos a bit of Didi Hamsun, not the most gifted athletically but a great technician, great passer of the ball, lovely touch and shot, and surprisingly more tenacious than I initially gave him credit for. Surround him with runners and he could be an asset long term.

duvva 💅:
Anyone got the line up for tonight please?


--- Quote from: duvva 💅 on February  3, 2023, 05:58:06 pm ---Anyone got the line up for tonight please?

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Whose playing tonight duvva u18's or 23's?

duvva 💅:

--- Quote from: jillc on February  3, 2023, 05:58:39 pm ---Whose playing tonight duvva u18's or 23's?

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U 18s at Ipswich. Got tickets as we’re local


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